Why we choose Epson 4900 as our DTG printing system?

One of our best sell DTG models is HFTX F6000 A2 Size Desktop DTG Printer. It is designed for sampling and proofing, or customization of T-shirt. That is with Epson 4900 as its printing system. There are three main reasons why we choose that :

1. With Epson TFP Print head.

Our DTG F6000 is with Epson TFP head of 10*360 nozzles.

Epson DX5 is 8*180 nozzles.

That is double than that of Epson DX5, so Printing speed of F6000 is double speed of those DTG printer with Epson DX5 head.

2. Less ink waste during head cleaning.

DX5 Capping Station is with one capping for all eight color. That is to say all color flushing when you do the head cleaning even only one color nozzle line missing. That is really ink waste to some extent.

Capping Station of Our DTG F6000 is different. Two colors for one capping station. That is to say you can choose the missing color to do head cleaning, no flushing of inks when those heads is in good condition.

3. Better White ink base.

There is 10 ink channels in our DTG F6000 and 6 of them is white ink, then you can get better white base. You need twice white ink printing if with 2 white ink channels. One white ink printing is ok for 4 white ink channels, but it is not enough for some images. But you can get quality printing for all images with our DTG F6000.