A2 size Direct to Garment Printer for sampling and proofing, or customization, choosed by Designer or Designing Company, Garment Factory, Fashion Company and Garment Decorating Businesses.

DTG (direct to garment) Printer

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printer F5000

- White Ink Circulation System, more stable; - Easy to Use HUAFEI DTG RIP10.1 - White & CMYK at one pass, faster printing speed - Auto White & CMYK separate printing, advanced technology.  

DTG Printer F4000 A2 Size

  • Epson TPF Head, 3600 nozzles.
  • HUAFEI RIP10.1, Upgraded DTG RIP.
  • White & CMYK at one pass Prining.
  • White & CMYK separate, automatic and continuous printing
  • Advanced two time printingtwo time printing, More precise.

A2 size Desktop Direct to Garment Printers

F3000 A2 Size Desktop Direct to Garme...

  • A2 size and widely usage;
  • One key operation;
  • easier maintenance.

A2 size Desktop Direct to Garment Printers

DTG Printer: F6000 A2 Desktop Fast Sp...

  • 6 White ink Channels and better background of dark garments.
  • Epson TFP printhead, 360*10 nozzles, faster speed;
  • One key for White & CMYK Printing automatically and continuously
  • Updated HF Pallet system, easy operation
  • Easier routine maintenance.