integrated screen printing with Digital printing, largely reduce the cost the dark garment printing, also by using discharge chemical, flock, foil, metallic, glitter to expand your business range, choosed by Screen Printing factory, Branded Clothing Company, Designer, Fashion Company etc.

DTG Printer with 3 plates

Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 ...

1. Garment & Cutting Pieces & Grand Cutting Pieces, wider application. 2. With Epson TFP printhead, 360*10 nozzles, double speed of DX5 head. 3. With 3 Printing stations designed, higher printing efficiency.  

Industrial DTG Printers

T6A/10A Direct to Garment Printer

  • 2.64 inch width Epson Precision Core Micro TFP Printhead.
  • Double CMYK and higher efficiency for light garments.
  • Up to 900 pieces of light garments per shift and 2700 pieces per day!

Industrial Direct to Garment Printers

T6W Industrial Direct to Garment Printer

  • Garment & Pieces & Grand Pieces, wider application.
  • White and CMYK printed at one pass and dark garment support, lower white ink cost.
  • Re-circulation system of white inks, least maintenance.
  • Laser sensor design protect printhead safer.

T6C Direct to Garment Printer

T6C Industrial Direct to Garment Printer

  • For Garment & Grand Cut Pieces;
  • White screen + Digital CMYK printing design;
  • Integrated Auto Pretreatment system(Option) ;
  • 6/10 printing stations design, higher efficiency.