DTF (Direct to film) is a new DTG (Direct to garment) alternative. DTF can print everything you need. It allows you to print on 100% cotton and black garments, also blend of cotton and polyester. It has great feel and washability.

DTF White ink

White ink for DTF Printing

Our vacuum white ink bag is designed to protect head for there is no air bubble during shaking ink bag.

DTF Powder

DTF Cold peel Hot melt Powder

60 degree washing resistance is warrantied.

DTF, direct to film

DTF Powdering Machine

  1. Powder Auto recycling designed.
  2. Sync Printing & Powdering & Drying & Take-up designed.
  3. Sweden bearing and lower noise designed.
  4. Auto take-up designed.
  5. Wider heating tube.

DTF Printing

DTF Printer

  1. LED light inside for print observing, less defective.
  2. Vacuum ink bag (1 Liter), more stable and less cleaning
  3. Sync printing & drying & Take-up
  4. Easier maintenance of Head and Capping Station.