Higher cost performance! Can do Garment and Piece printing both, like the printing of Denims, Aprons or night robe & apparel decorating. For Screen Printing factory, Clothing Company, Fashion Company etc.

P42125 Economy Piece Printing & Garment Printers

P42125 Piece+Garment Digital Textile ...

  • Super+Standard Pallet;
  • Epson TFP printhead;
  • Inline CMYK and White Printing;
  • Re-circulation system of white ink.

Economy Piece Printing & Garment Printers

P61150 Economy Piece Printing & ...

  • Super Pallet for Cut piece  & Garment Printing;
  • Epson TFP printhead, higher speed;
  • Laser sensor protects printhead safer;
  • Quality silent ball screw, more durable and stable

P4290 Economy Piece Printing & Garment Printers

P4290 Economy Piece+Garment Printer

  • Grand Pallet for apparel decorating.
  • Re-circulation system of white ink
  • easier routine maintenance.