DTG Printing Guides

What is DTG Printing

What does DTG mean?  It is known as Direct to Garment and uses a specialized inkjet technology. A specialized pigment ink is ink jetted by a printer head to the garment which is in a fixed position.

Process Of DTG Printing on Dark T-shirt

Process Of DTG Printing on Dark T-shirt

Step 1: Pretreat and dry the pretreatment liquid on garment:

Using Huafei Pretreatment Machine for best Pretreatment layer before the white ink printing. Then simply cure the pretreatment liquid with heat press to ensure a flat printing surface.

Step 2: Prepare your design:

Load your design into HUAFEI RIP 10.1. You can position the image, size the image, choose the different white layer and make other adjustments before sending the file to print.

Step 3: Printing on the Garment

Wear your garment on platen and fix it with designed frame. Huafei F4000/F5000/F6000 DTG Printers can help you the printing well.

Step 4: fixate the ink on the garment:

Put the printed garment under the heat press again to fixate the ink. This will fixate the ink onto the garment and will have a good wash durability.

DTG Printing Process on Dark T shirt.