• DTG Printing RIP

DTG Printing RIP

  1. White & CMYK at one pass printing.
  2. White ink underbase creating automatically.
  3. Optimized RIP processing speeds, 3 seconds to start printing.
  4. Very Simple to use

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HUAFEIDTG RIP 10.1 is included with HUAFEI F Series A2 Size Desktop DTG Printer (F4000 DTG Printer, F5000 DTG Printer, F6000 DTG Printer) for every purchase. Our DTG RIP has several features, like the application of generating the white ink underbase fo dark garments, control the drop size of White ink and Color ink laid down, decreasing the white layer size etc.
Here are its main features:
– Very Simple to use,
– Optimized RIP processing speeds, only 3 seconds to start printing.
– White ink underbase creating automatically and high-lights.
– White gradient adjust freely
– Eliminating BLACK in the color layer Supported
– simply drag and drop a design in place,
– Supported over 2 designs for 1 print and each design sets separately
– Custom Ink Channelsupported.
– White & CMYK at one pass printing.
– White layer size-decrease Supported
It is very useful tool for your DTG Printing. Also there is a video of ”how to learn HUAFEI DTG RIP quickly for your reference!