A2 size Direct to Garment Printer for sampling and proofing, or customization, choosed by Designer or Designing Company, Garment Factory, Fashion Company and Garment Decorating Businesses.

DTG Printer F4000 A2 Size

  • Epson TPF Head, 3600 nozzles.
  • HUAFEI RIP10.1, Upgraded DTG RIP.
  • White & CMYK at one pass Prining.
  • White & CMYK separate, automatic and continuous printing
  • Advanced two time printingtwo time printing, More precise.

A2 size Desktop Direct to Garment Printers

F3000 A2 Size Desktop Direct to Garme...

  • A2 size and widely usage;
  • One key operation;
  • easier maintenance.

A2 size Desktop Direct to Garment Printers

DTG Printer: F6000 A2 Desktop Fast Sp...

  • 6 White ink Channels and better background of dark garments.
  • Epson TFP printhead, 360*10 nozzles, faster speed;
  • One key for White & CMYK Printing automatically and continuously
  • Updated HF Pallet system, easy operation
  • Easier routine maintenance.