One Stop Service!Three size of Pallets for men or women or Children Garment, Grand and Super Grand Pallets for Piece Printing, Head Cleaning Kit, Dupont textile pigment inks and pretreatment solutions, Neostampa RIP software, Bosch Airbrush, quality Heat Press and more.

DTG printing RIP

DTG Printing RIP

  1. White & CMYK at one pass printing.
  2. White ink underbase creating automatically.
  3. Optimized RIP processing speeds, 3 seconds to start printing.
  4. Very Simple to use

dark fabric printing Pretreatment

DTG Pretreatment Liquid

  • Dupont pretreatment solution;
  • Should be sprayed on the fabric evenly by spray gun;
  • Both light-colored and dark fabric printing.

Maintenance tools

Maintenance Tools

  • Regular maintenance can improve the stability of the printers;
  • Extended service life of printhead;
  • Prevent ink droplets drops on the surface of the fabric due to the fluff.

Dupont pigment inks

Dupont Artistri® P5000 + textile prin...

  • Huafei DTG Printers with Dupont Artistri® P5000 + textile printing inks;
  • Printable on ranges of fabrics, offer brilliant colors;
  • Sharp image quality and reliable jetting performance.

Huafei DTG Printers Printing Pallets

Pallets Size


  • 350mm*400mm (Options, Women size);
  • 380mm*480mm (Options, Men size);
  • 250mm*300mm (Options, Children size).