DTG (direct to garment) Printer

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printer F5000

- White Ink Circulation System, more stable; - Easy to Use HUAFEI DTG RIP10.1 - White & CMYK at one pass, faster printing speed - Auto White & CMYK separate printing, advanced technology.  

DTG Pretreatment Machine

  • Adjustable spraying length and volume
  • Purge-clean cycle
  • Consistent uniform spray
  • Easy to maintain
  • User-friendly controls
  • manual easy-slide drawer.

DTG Printer F4000 A2 Size

  • Epson TPF Head, 3600 nozzles.
  • HUAFEI RIP10.1, Upgraded DTG RIP.
  • White & CMYK at one pass Prining.
  • White & CMYK separate, automatic and continuous printing
  • Advanced two time printingtwo time printing, More precise.

DTG printing RIP

DTG Printing RIP

  1. White & CMYK at one pass printing.
  2. White ink underbase creating automatically.
  3. Optimized RIP processing speeds, 3 seconds to start printing.
  4. Very Simple to use

DTG Printer with 3 plates

Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 ...

1. Garment & Cutting Pieces & Grand Cutting Pieces, wider application. 2. With Epson TFP printhead, 360*10 nozzles, double speed of DX5 head. 3. With 3 Printing stations designed, higher printing efficiency.  

Industrial DTG Printers

T6A/10A Direct to Garment Printer

  • 2.64 inch width Epson Precision Core Micro TFP Printhead.
  • Double CMYK and higher efficiency for light garments.
  • Up to 900 pieces of light garments per shift and 2700 pieces per day!

dark fabric printing Pretreatment

DTG Pretreatment Liquid

  • Dupont pretreatment solution;
  • Should be sprayed on the fabric evenly by spray gun;
  • Both light-colored and dark fabric printing.

Maintenance tools

Maintenance Tools

  • Regular maintenance can improve the stability of the printers;
  • Extended service life of printhead;
  • Prevent ink droplets drops on the surface of the fabric due to the fluff.

Dupont pigment inks

Dupont Artistri® P5000 + textile prin...

  • Huafei DTG Printers with Dupont Artistri® P5000 + textile printing inks;
  • Printable on ranges of fabrics, offer brilliant colors;
  • Sharp image quality and reliable jetting performance.

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