Is it possible to do piece printing with the printers?

Definitely. You have two choices:

P series Economy Garment Printers are designed for both Garment and Piece Printing. You can printing on  Denims, night robe and apparel decorating easily.

T series Multi-function Garment Printers. Grand or Super Grand pallets are optional parts. Here are the size of them.

1700mm*1080mm (Grand Pallet) for T6C

2400mm*1080mm (Super Grand Pallet) for T10C

What is your payment terms?

50% deposit after contract, then start production. Pay the balance before the shipment.

Does your company accept ODM?

Yes, we have almost ten years of experiences of Direct to Garment printers, also be dedicated to creating product customization beyond what are listed on our catalogue.

Is it possible to do Screen White, Discharge, Flock, Foil, Metallic, Glitter together with a digital image?

Yes, our T or P series Direct to Garment printers are designed for these kinds of application. The screen and location parts are integrated. Location tool makes accurate counterpoint between screen printing and digital output. You can use these series to expand your business easily.

What are the size of your Pallets?

Standard:  350mm*400mm   /13.8 * 15.8 inch  ( women size )

   Options:  380mm*480mm  / 14.9* 18.9 inch  ( men size )

                   250mm*300mm  / 9.8* 11.9 inch   ( Children size )

Have you integrated Re-circulation system of white ink into your printers?

Yes, we have. It is automatically recirculates the white ink evey 30 minutes to avoid costly purges and keeps the system printing perfectly. It helps Consistent ink flow and least maintenance. The most important of this system is to reduce the waste of white ink and save money.

How to start the Direct to Garment business?

Except for quality Direct to Garment Printer, we offer you one stop service. Like three size of standard Pallets for men or women or Children Garment, Grand and Super Grand Pallets for Piece Printing, Head Cleaning Kit, Dupont textile pigment inks and pretreatment solutions, Neostampa RIP software, Bosch Airbrush, quality Heat Press and more.

Why not choose A3 size as our entry level Garment printer?

The width of A3 is 297mm, it is good for Children garment size, but not enough for Adult Garment. That is the reason why we start from A2 Size printers.

What types of material can we print on with our Direct to Garment Printers?

They do printing with Dupont Textile Pigment ink, so you can print on all textile materials like Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/polyester Blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Linen, Wool and more.