• Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens
  • Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens
  • Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens
  • Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens
  • Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens

Direct to Garment Printer T3A with 3 Platens

1. Garment & Cutting Pieces & Grand Cutting Pieces, wider application. 2. With Epson TFP printhead, 360*10 nozzles, double speed of DX5 head. 3. With 3 Printing stations designed, higher printing efficiency.  

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Direct to Garment Printer, T3A is designed with 3 printing platens and EPSON TFP 3600 nozzles head for industrial digital garment printing. White and CMYK printing at one pass for higher efficiency of dark garment printing. This DTG printer is mainly chosen by Screen Printing factory, Branded Clothing Company, Designer, Fashion Company etc.
1) Epson TFP Print head, 3600 nozzles.
2) 3 Wear-on platens installed, higher efficiency
3) Advanced White ink Circulatory system, easier maintenance and less waste.
4) Easy to use HUAFEI DTG RIP 10.1.
5) White & CMYK at one pass, Higher production efficiency
6) Separate Printing Unit & Platen Move Unit design for easy access
7) Quality silent ball screw, Y transmission shaft is more durable and stable.
8) Servo system & fuzzy electric control make repeat printing more accurate.
9) Laser sensor design protect printhead safer.

Printhead: Epson TFP Printhead, 10*360 nozzle, VSDT
RIP software: HUAFEI RIP 10.1 ( dark garment support)
Colors: Model A: CMYK+ 6* white channels
            Model B: C*3+M*3+Y*2+K*2 faster speed for light garment
Print Directions: Intelligent bi/single direction printing.
Speed:  5 minutes / 3pieces  ( light garment, A3 size, Single Direction Printing model)
             10 minutes / 3pieces ( Dark garment,A3 size, Single Direction Printing)
If bi direction printing, that is about 25-34 pieces per hour.
Press Weight Load:  50kg (Nondistructive of resolution)
Resolution: 2800*14400dpi
Ink: Dupont textile pigment ink.
Media: Cotton, Cotton/polyester Blends, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, Linen, Wool and more.
Other consumables: Pretreatment solution for dark & light garments, Cleaning ink and head cleaning kit.
Height adjustment: Automatic/ manual operation
Head protection:H Laser sensor automatic protection system.
Power: 110-220V, 50-60HZ, 500W
Interface: USB2.0/1.1, 1GB Ethernet, 320M memory
Computer System: Windows XP/ Win7/ Win10
Working Environment:  Temperature: 15-35℃, Humidity: 20-80RH
Size and Weight: Total Printer : 2450*880*1020MM, 225kg
               Separate Printing Unit: 880*690*360
                      Platen Move Unit: 2450*770*880
                                   Package: 2610X1030X12600MM, 320kg
Printing Pallets:
Standard:  350mm*400mm (women size) :
Other options: 380mm*480mm (men size)
250mm*300mm(Children size)
420mm*1600mm (Grand Pallet)