24” DTF Printing System

  1. Descriptions:

HFTX-H60C is designed with Epson TFP printhead and in 60CM width for dark or multiple

color garment decoration. Printed film can be transferred on leather and all kinds of fabric, like

cotton, polyester, polycotton blend, rayon etc. The printer, printed film are designed with water

based pigment ink and environment friendly, The most important is NO NEED to Cut & Weed

unnecessary area. It is with Sync device for printing & powdering & drying & take-up. Then

drying is more uniform and the output quality is better. We are the only one in the market who

have this device.This printing system is mainly for T-shirt Stores, E-Commences, Fashion

Companies and Designers etc.

  1. Features:

1) Sync device for printing & powdering & drying & take-up. The drying is more uniform and the

output quality is better.Jinan Huafei IT Technology Co., Ltd


2) CMYK & White at one pass printing, faster speed.

3) Auto pressurized white ink supply device patented.

4) White Ink bag in vacuum, Less cleaning and maintenance.

5) 3stage drying, easier to keep the printed film and NO CRACK after heat transfer on fabric.

6) NO NEED to Cut & Weed unnecessary area.

7) Enhanced color fastness and wash durability.

8) Economical solution for garment decoration.

  1. Specifications:

Model: HFTX- H60C DTF system

(HFTX-H6000C printer, HFTX-H2 powdering machine, HUAFEI RIP V10.1 are included)

Air purifier is optional device.

Print head: NEW Epson PrecisionCore Micro TFP Printhead, 8*360 nozzle, VSDT

Rip software: HUAFEI RIP V10.1 ( CMYK & White at one pass supported)

Integrated Quality & Speed Models.

Printing Channel: CMYK + 4 White

Colors: CMYK+ White

Print Directions: Intelligent bi/single direction printing.

Printing Width: 600 mm

Speed: 3.2 ㎡ per hour (quality model)

6.3 ㎡ per hour ( Speed model)

Resolution: 2880*1440dpi

Ink: Water based textile pigment ink.

Printing Film: Inkjet Heat Transfer FilmJinan Huafei IT Technology Co., Ltd


Heat-transfer Media: Cotton, Cotton/polyester Blends, polyester, Lycra, Viscose etc. All fabrics.

Powder: Swiss Brand powder, finer particle and 60 degree wash durability.

Drying: 3-stage Drying, R type drying and high temperature infrared

Other consumables: hot-melt powder, Inkjet Heat Transfer Film, white ink and CMYK inks

Chip resetter for Maintenance cartridge, auto-reset chips for ink cartridges.

Power: Printer: 110-220V, 50-60HZ, 75W

Powdering System: 110-220V, 50-60HZ, 5.25KW

Interface: USB2.0/1.1, 1GB Ethernet, 320M memory

Computer System: Windows XP/ Win7, Win10

Working Environment:

The Printer: Temperature: 15-35℃, Humidity: 20-80RH

Powdering System: 5-45℃, Humidity: 20-80RH



1360*670*1220 mm, 102kg

Package: 1480*790*1070 mm, 145kg

Auto Powdering System: 1450* 810*800 mm, 153kg.

Package: 1480*830*970 mm, 185kg